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FRANKii DAVIS is an amazing Songstress and Songwriter with an electrifying soulful sound, and captivating vocal abilities. On January 29th, 1992, A Southside Chicago native, with a hint of Florida living and Sunshine was born; and since then, FRANKii grew to display a diverse array of music which embodies her upbringing from, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Reggae, Country, and Spanish.

FRANKii DAVIS, a songstress by the age of 8; made her entrance into the music scene at the age of 16 while auditioning for American Idol. While FRANKii experienced setbacks, it did not deter her from continuing to go after her dreams and passion for music. FRANKii went on to release her first EP “SAPIO," in 2021. FRANKii has performed for various establishments, and festivals throughout the City of Chicago, and is truly a young R & B talent praised by music professionals, and has worked with Grammy Nominated DJ Ralphie Rosario, and has been featured on WGN, AC Green’s “Unsung on Stage and Unsung On Air” of V103 Radio, and scouted for the competitive show “The Voice 2020.”

FRANKii DAVIS encourages her listeners to sit back, and let a South-side City Girl Feed you melodies to capture and nourish your intellect. 


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